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Title. The valley of Broken Bones / El valle de los huesos rotos 


Date. October 3 2015

City. Mexico City

Individual exhibition 


Emerson Balderas


Ciudad de México

Exhibición Individual 

We have awakened. Everything is confusion and chaos. The images superimposed. The automated men we have created have weathered and become decrepit, their broken parts now litter the expansive, winding landscape. Our monument to our own prosperity is the wreckage that pervades the scenery. But amongst this desolation there is hope, an organic spark that cannot be mistaken or ignored.

Balderas creates a futuristic wasteland, where our progress and prosperity only serves now as a testament to our own hubris. Balderas shows his expertise in the medium by using classic painting techniques, his meticulous brushwork accompanied with his chiaroscuro background juxtaposed with flashes of neon that form a dystopic yet, in its discord you can find something more serene. The organic forms are balanced with the rigged structures that allows there to be an ambiguity between what is the material you are seeing.

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