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The lost children are a group of artists who have not been able to find a place within the art world. In their attempt to regain some semblance of unity, They organized themselves into a group to enter a larger discourse concerning the trivialities associated with the art world. Using various mediums, the artist’s challenge the idea of the creator as genius, to regress to a less serious act of making. The result being a production of work that is arguably more honest without entering into stigmatized discourses.

“The Lost Boys,” posit that, if we are to believe we live in an autonomous society in which our lives have been pre-subscribed to each individual, then it is a necessary act of insurgence to reject conformity in order to enter into a discourse that is without the pretension inherent in the machine that is our society. the works range from tradition media like print that aims to subvert our perception on the images we view.  


A societal bred critique keeps us from growing and expanding, in not only our social lives but also our private ones, the lost boys plan to combat this serious nature with creation through the act of play. “The Lost Boys”, critique the system in power by deciding to view the art that they make as contextualized by an outsider to the art world by using media familiar to the common viewer.

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